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MacOs Hspot Fix

26 October 2015

On recent versions of Mac OS X (including Yosemite), Version 7.0.0 of Herschel Spot may not open. The system may report: You can’t open the application “” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

The problem is in the executable that launches HSpot. Here is a workaround that uses a script to launch HSpot. It assumes that Java 1.6 is installed on your system. The instructions also assume your Finder preferences have the Advanced option “Show all filename extensions” checked.

Find the location of your directory. Navigate to the Contents/MacOS folder.

Place these lines into a text file called HerschelSpot.



while [ -h "$PRG" ]; do
    ls=`ls -ld "$PRG"`
    link=`expr "$ls" : '^.*-> \(.*\)$' 2>/dev/null`
    if expr "$link" : '^/' 2> /dev/null >/dev/null; then
        PRG="`dirname "$PRG"`/$link"

progdir=`dirname "$PRG"`

if [ -x /usr/libexec/java_home ]; then
  JAVACMD="`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.6`/bin/java"
elif [ -n "$JAVA_HOME" ]; then
  JAVACMD="/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java"

exec "$JAVACMD" -classpath "$progdir/../Resources/Java/*" \
       -Dapple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true \

Make the HerschelSpot script executable with chmod +x HerschelSpot.

Change to the parent directory, Contents. Make a backup copy of Info.plist.

Edit Info.Plist to replace JavaApplicationStub with HerschelSpot.

In Finder, right-click on and select Open. It should start after asking you for confirmation. If you get the “PowerPC” message again, do right-click then Duplicate to make a copy of the app. Then hopefully right-click to Open will work.

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Page last modified on October 26, 2015, at 09:43 AM